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Apocalypse Now [Jul. 2nd, 2007|01:40 am]
"Our motto..."

This movie has been on my mind recently, and I finally re-watched it. This is my reaction:

What the photojournalist says about loving and hating people, it's more broad than that, but still as black and white. It's not about loving or hating someone, but our reaction to the world, and there are only two ways to survive. One either faces the world, stares into the gaping beauty and violence and purity in the utmost insanity (distilling out all the bullshit and deception), or one completely disconnects, reverting back to the state of a child. Perhaps this only applies to a Western philosophy.
Trying to make sense of the world won't work because the world will not make sense. Trying to simply live through it eventually catches up with you, and you are ill prepared to make the decision to face the world or disconnect. In either case, you die (untimely, for the sake of argument).
But whether you face the world or become like a child, you lose part of yourself. Perhaps the decision is not whether to look at the world, but which part of yourself you will lose.

I suppose I choose to lose my soul.

[User Picture]From: bcastoria
2007-07-11 04:31 am (UTC)
it's not your soul, it's your face.
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