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reflection of a walking shadow

but perhaps there is more here than a mere shadow

11 September
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tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...

'tis better, anyway, to talk with me in order to get to know me...

"There is no purpose. We do whatever we do. You either blow your brains out or get on with something."
-roger waters

"you gotta be laid back,
rock to obscurity,
then you will surely find
there's nothing wrong with me"

"just don't worry about looking dumb
I do it all the time, it's actually pretty fun"

just let it happen.
live and stop looking.
nothing to fear. nothing to doubt.
never quit riding. never quit rocking.

Bad Religion's "Marked" is, I have realized, one of my favorite songs.

Drift with the current.
Let the line slip through your fingers.
Mass hysteria. Mass amnesia.

(do you see? do you understand?)

Radiohead frightens me and awes me and I am so amazingly obesessed it is wonderful.)

(doing all that I can to avoid the 9-5 world)

Because this sort of thing is becoming more important:
All photographs posted in this journal are copyright 2006 by Thomas Jay Kirkpatrick.
If I find that you have, in any way, used any of the images from this journal without my permission, all hell will break loose, and do so directly over your head.
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